11 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Worn Out Jeans

Jun 23, 2016

There are always some worn out jeans lying around in the corner of your home which make you feel as if you can use them in some way or the other by doing one thing or the other. But exactly what? Well, people this is a talent which you can easily make yourself acquire. All you have got to do is follow the following steps like a freaking pro.

1. Wine bottle denim bag.

Technically, a wine bottle is almost 13 inches long, hence you’ll require 15 inches of denim. Cut the pant out and sew it from one side. Now, turn it inside out. Use tags, flowers and ribbon for decoration.

2. Denim pocket garland.

By employing a cutting map and a craft knife, carefully cut the pockets. Now, make slits and connect the pockets with a beautiful ribbon.

3. Denim placemat.

Denim placemat.
Firstly, you need to remove the pockets and cut out the front part. Using back panel make a rectangular shape. Sew up the panels and iron it out to keep them as flat as possible. Stick the pocket on the front of the denim by using a tape. Slash the excessive bulk and you are good to go.

4. Denim tool belt.

Denim tool belt.
Carefully cut out the denim in two parts and place one part over the other. The second one should be placed slightly underneath the first one and sew between the second pocket for allowing small pockets. Now, you will have to stick a belt and remember to sew it too.
11 Amazing Things You Can Do With Your Worn Out Jeans
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