15 Amazing Manicure Gadgets That Will Up Your Nail Game

May 09, 2016

We all have to agree for the fact that we are living in a technological advanced world where there is a gadget for almost everything. But for the fact that obliviousness has been considered the bliss by so many, you are not aware of the most amazing gadgets out there which were invented by your fellow humans to take your manicure game to next level.

Try some of them out.

1. Ultra-violet nail dryer.

For giving your nails a smooth finish.

2. The dotting tool.

The dotting tool.
For the perfect polka dots.

3. For the perfect polka dots.

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These extremely useful bail clips will come in handy when you have got to remove nail polish. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover, place it in the clip and then put your fingers inside. Remove your fingers after a few minutes and tada! Magical, isn’t it?

4. Ladybug.

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For not spilling your nail polish everywhere.

5. Polish palette.

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For detailed nail art.
15 Amazing Manicure Gadgets That Will Up Your Nail Game
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