15 Creative Inventions In Japan Will Startle You

Dec 13, 2016

Japan is a modern and an awesome country. It is known for advanced technologies and all sort of creative things. People over there are really smart and inventive and really make things easier for their nation to enjoy. The creative things you may find in Japan; you won’t find it everywhere on this earth.

1. One of its kind “The Gas Station”.

People always have to go on that side of the gas station where their car can reach the pipe to the gas tank. In Japan, it is not like that. Here they fix the pipes that are hang down from above that helps people to reach the gas tank easily from any side.

2. This unique vending machine.

This unique vending machine.
You must realize why these people are really creative? Take a look at this vending machine, this particular machine not only serve chips and chocolates, but also provides boiled eggs, French fries, pasta and pet food. Wow just awesome!

3. Japanese value their time.

This compact parking concept is clearly awesome. As Japan has population of 127 million, so they used this special way of two level parking so people won’t have hard time.

4. Name of soda is written on the top to help the blinds.

To help the blinds, Japanese people already think of it that the name of the drink should be on the top. It helps them to know what drink they are having.
15 Creative Inventions In Japan Will Startle You
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