16 Most Weird Fears That Actually Exist

Sep 10, 2016

Fearing things is the right thing to do after all that’s what makes the human race more human. So when it comes to dreading rational stuff, we understand. However, there are certain irrational fears at whose existence one only facepalms.
Why, you ask? For one they seem fictional and on the second they are not.

1. Aibohphobia.

It’s the fear of palindromes. Interestingly, Aibohphobia is a palindrome itself.

2. Ablutophobia.

As you can guess from the picture, it is a fear of taking a bath.

3. . Hylophobia.

. Hylophobia.
Fear of everything that is forest, woods and trees.

4. Decidophobia.

It is the fear one has of making decisions.
16 Most Weird Fears That Actually Exist
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