7 Amazing Eyeliner Hacks Which Will Completely Transform Your Look

Apr 12, 2016

What comes to your mind when you first think about a stick of eyeliner? Magical? You got it right, gal. A bottle of eyeliner can definitely work wonders when it comes to accentuating your looks. It will add the much needed mysteriousness and oomph to your aura but the bottom line is you should know how to work your way around it.

I am being serious here, you can’t just line up your eyes when there isn’t even a need to do so. Let me give you a heads up about the basics you must be accustomed to for standing out in the crowd like the true diva you are.

1. In case, you are blue-eyed.

Purple eyeliner is what you need to bring out the blue in your eyes. Add some brown or pink eyeshadow in the mix and you are all ready to be the queen.

2. Evergreen look.

Whether you want to go for a neutral appearance or are getting ready to party hard, tracing your eyeliner along your upper lash line will and extending its tail will do the trick.

3. Add some sparkle, girl.

Glitter things up and you are all ready to put the dance floor on fire.

4. Smaller eyes? Not a problem.

Starting from the mid upper lash line, extend it towards the outer edge. Then, make a very thin line on the lower lash line and finally, connect both the lines.
7 Amazing Eyeliner Hacks Which Will Completely Transform Your Look
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