7 Worst Black Friday Incidents That Are Pure Evil

Dec 15, 2016

Black Friday is the day everyone waits for, after all there are great offers awaiting you at this time of the year. However, there are certain lines that are crossed when people forget that humanity is something they should hold on to dearly. These crazy incidents will prove it to you that humanity is indeed a myth.

1. A woman used pepper spray.

A woman used pepper spray.
In 2011, a woman is Wal-Mart, Los Angeles used pepper spray on people so that she could get her favorite items first.

2. Guns and toys.

Guns and toys.
A 21-year-old lady didn’t want to wait in line so she started to cut in. This made others angry and what she did next was scaring them with gun. She was arrested for it.

3. GPS craze

GPS craze
Source: vocativ.com
A promo on Black Friday led to people fighting over the GPS devices and even throwing them around.

4. A Deadly stampede

A Deadly stampede
Source: ibtimes.com
At Brands Mart, during a Black Friday sale, a 73-year-old woman was injured during a stampede. Sadly, she couldn’t be saved.
7 Worst Black Friday Incidents That Are Pure Evil
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