A Disturbing Story of a Grieving Dog in the Graveyard

Mar 21, 2016

It was painful to find out a female dog sitting in a graveyard. It is common since dogs are loyal and they usually spend days near graves of their owners. However, the story of this female dog is different and not similar to the usual ones.

1. A different background story

This dog had a different kind of dedication and loyalty as noticed by graveyard staff. She dug a hole in the ground with the grave and spent all her day inside it. It turned out that she was a mother and homeless. Therefore, she dug herself a hole to have her litter and she had no fear when the humans found her out.

2. Safely confined in a hole

Although the hole is small, but the brave mother managed to keep her puppies comfortable and safe. This family of single parent was hopeful. The local dog lovers wanted to help and tried persuading mom to come out of the hole by giving food.

3. Hunger is stronger than fear

After a lot of patience of kind helpful people and hesitation from mother dog, she slowly came out and took the bait. The starving animal ate the food and her mood improved once she was well fed. Then, it was time to get her puppies. Female dogs are highly protective especially in such desperate times. The key to ensure no harm to the offspring was the body language.

4. Cute little puppies

The puppies were collected carefully one by one from their small home by the rescuers. They seemed in good health, but it was important to get them to a vet immediately. They needed a nap first.
A Disturbing Story of a Grieving Dog in the Graveyard
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