A White Couple Adopted 5 Black Babies And Set An Example!

May 07, 2016

An evangelical couple of Rachel Halbert and Aaron set an example of humanity who were unable to conceive naturally. When they lost hope to have their own babies, they decided to adopt them. They then thought to help those who were neglected by most of the parents when it comes to adoption. Naturally parents opt for Caucasian babies, but they thought about others who were really vulnerable.

Aaron himself grew up with different race. He was a blue-eyed white kid whereas others in his family were from Honduras. Rachel, his wife didn’t experience the same but agreed completely to his idea about adoption of non-Caucasian babies.

They first adopted two babies who were African-American.

Aaron mentions that it is the most beautiful experience of his life to have a multi-ethnic family. The couple learned few things from their African-American friends and from Facebook, such as how to braid their daughter’s hair and things like that.

Although the couple was satisfied with two babies, but they were being called again by God.

A White Couple Adopted 5 Black Babies And Set An Example!
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