By Checking Your Stool Find Out Insight Of Your Health

Dec 04, 2016

Pooping is crucial for our health, there are so many ways to find out if you are healthy. One of the way is to take a quick look in the toilet and check your stool.
It can definitely save your life as it is all about health, check these out for more information.

What is pooping? Why is this important to know?

Our body absorbs all the nutrient of the food we eat every day. Pooping is a natural process and it is important to know because it’s a way to find out about your digestive health.

Ways to find out your digestive health with texture!

a: If your poop is like separate hard nuts, it means you are dehydrated. Start plenty of water and try to get your hydration from natural sources like fruits and vegetables.

b: Shape as a sausage and coming out easily and softly means you are just fine.

c: Entirely liquid poop means, you got the diarrhea! You are most probably infected. In diarrhea, there is always a risk of dehydration so drink a lot of water.

d: Sausage shaped is fine but if it is lumpy as well, then you don’t have to worry but add more fiber and fluids in your diet.

e: If you poop multiple times a day with soft blobs, then it is pretty normal.

f: Cracked surface and sausage shaped means, normal but of course if it is cracked then you need to drink more water.
g: Mushy poop! It means, this is on the border line of having diarrhea.

h: If it is sticky, specially sticking on the sides of the toilet bowl then the good fats your body needs are not properly absorbed due to chronic pancreatic. The reason is, there is excessive amount of oil in your body.

What is your poop color?

What is your poop color?
a: If brown, you are absolutely fine this color is due to bile produce.

b: If green, this might be the result of eating more green vegies.

c: If yellow, it could be a result of malabsorption disorder and you have excess fat.

d: If black, it could be ulcer or cancer. As your body is bleeding internally or black color can also be the result of lots of iron intake, we suggest you should see your physician for this color.

e: Clay coloured, it is due to bile duct obstruction or blockage. See your physician ASAP!

f: If it is stained or red in color then it is one of the symptoms of cancer. You should see your doctor without any further delays.

Take a quick look!

Take a quick look!
a: It usually takes 1 to 3 days for your body to consume food.

b: It is made of mucus, bacteria, and undigested food.

By Checking Your Stool Find Out Insight Of Your Health
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