Find What Your Feet Reflect About Your Health And Personality

Mar 30, 2016

In China and India, foot reading is a common practice and it is believed that feet reflect your body and personality. Any problem in your feet indicates an issue related to your body. For example, fallen arch indicates back problem. In addition, your personality is also related because body and mind are connected. Find out what your feet reveal about your personality and health.

1. Foot reader, Jane Sheehan

Jane Sheehan is a reflexologist and foot reader who can just look at your feet and tell the relationship between different aspects of your body and personality.

2. Big or small toe

People with longer toes have solutions to their problems and are creative, smart and intellectual. Conversely, people with smaller toes are great at multi-tasking and influencing others.

3. Second toe

People who have longer second toe tend to be bossy and have leadership skills. On the other hand, smaller second toe indicates a person who wants harmony and order in life.

4. Third toe

Third toe
People with relatively longer middle toe are resourceful and innovative. They want to achieve success, but they tend to forget fun and family. In contrast, shorter middle toe indicates a life full of fun.
Find What Your Feet Reflect About Your Health And Personality
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