First Strong Desired Female Who Travelled All Around The World

Nov 16, 2016

Most of us loves to travel and it really plays an important role in our education. We are told to be realistic in this life and we know that if we work hard we will be successful. So we should continue and should never stop believing that one day our dream will come true. Just like her, this woman attempts to become first female to travel to all countries.

Her name is Cassie DePecol. An extraordinary woman!

She is one educated woman and was born in Washington. She was home schooled, after completing successfully her top private schools, she headed towards huge list of colleges and universities. Some are (Global College in Costa Rica, Santa Barbra city college, Long Island University and Galleleo Travel School).

She has completed her university at the age of 25.

As we told you that she is an extraordinary woman and even after this much studies she was restless and was feeling unfilled. She wanted to do something to inspire people.

She made up her mind in 2009 to travel with her brother.

They both had so much fun for the entire month by visiting Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and more…

The Europe trip wasn’t enough!

Her brother went back after all this adventure with her sister. Cassie came to know after this marvelous trip that this was the inspiration she was looking for. So she continued…
First Strong Desired Female Who Travelled All Around The World
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