This Mom’s Post For Her Daughter’s Step Mom Will Make Your Day

Nov 25, 2016

There are so many good things in the world that could inspire you to do good things that otherwise are people actually don’t understand. In this article, I will be talking about the relationship between a step mom and kids she didn’t have. This post made by Audrey Nicole of Virginia is very different in that context.

She shared a picture of her daughter with her ex- fiancé's new girlfriend along with a message and it is going viral.

In the post she says that she is thankful for her daughters father’s gf as whenever she goes to meet her father she feeds her baby girl, buys her presents , takes care of her and treats her as if she was her own.
Then she talked about not understanding the reason why women act so spiteful towards the kids they didn’t have. Hence, if someone is trying, don’t push them away as they will stop after a time. No one wants drama in their life. Good people do exists and Audrey is extremely thankful for having one in her daughter’s life. Audrey won’t be jealous towards her.
This post has been shared for more than a 150,000 times and Nicole has earned a lot of praise for it.
Facebook commenter thanked her for spreading love and shared her experience as a step mom.
They talked about Nicole’s positive attitude and how helpful it is.
She thanked everyone for their kind words and spreading her words all around the world.
This Mom’s Post For Her Daughter’s Step Mom Will Make Your Day
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