This Old Couple Saved a Family from Drowning In a Car

Apr 19, 2016

It’s not very often that we come face to face with heroes in real life. Heroes who save the day and people while they are at it. Their act of kindness inspires us to do something extraordinary ourselves. And the most amazing part of this is that they are common people like us. Shocking, isn’t it? They are no superman but they deserve a standing ovation anyways.

They were on a weekend fishing trip.

For Rosemary and her husband Leonard Wallace, it was another beautiful day in Fox Pond, East Hancock in Maine. However, what they never expected was that they will turn out to be the lifesavers and Samaritans for a family. The couple saw a car flying off the highway to the side of the pond and landing into the water. Taking action immediately, Rosemary called emergency help but due to weak cell reception, she couldn’t make the call. Then, Leonard decided to do something himself.
He started to walk through the water until it almost reached chest high level. He was able to find a small opening in the backseat window and somehow managed to pull the door open.

The mother was urging him to save the kids.

MAndi Parker, 38, wanted Leonard to save her children instead of her. As the car continued to fill with water, Leonard first rescued the two-month-old Tanner first. Then, he came back for Mandi and her three-year-old daughter. He pulled Georgia Parker by her tiny pajamas and mother by her collar. He slowly dragged them out of the car with all his strength.
Rosemary said that she tried to get help from other drivers but no one was willing to help and avoided them completely. When the police arrived, they took them to the Maine Coast Memorial Hospital
Apparently, Mandi was driving under influence with suspended license. Since then, Maine Department of Health and Human Services has taken custody of the children.
This Old Couple Saved a Family from Drowning In a Car
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