This Sick Mother Shared Her Amazing Pictures With The World To Inspire The Millions

Apr 07, 2016

Today, one of the biggest achievements a person can attain is going through their lives without getting diagnosed with any kind of terminal diseases. These are hard facts person. But as much as these are facts, there are inspirational people out there who don’t give a flying shit about them and are true fighters in every sense of the word.
One such person is 32-year-old Krystal Miller. She has Crohn's disease in which any location in gastrointestinal tract of the affected person has chronic inflammation. Hence, when she eats food, it is equal to guzzling poison. That’s how destructive it is. Therefore, she chose to inform the people about the invisible disease and spread awareness.

Krystal was diagnosed with disease when she was 15.

Once upon a time my tummy was scar free, bag free and full of disease. It was not a fun time. Id spend my nights lying...

Posted by Bag Lady Mama on Tuesday, March 29, 2016

By the age of 22, her intestinal tract was severely damaged due to which she now has a permanent ostomy bag.

She’s now 32 and making people aware about the disease.

What kind of undies do you wear?..Me, I like the sexy granny panties! Anything high waisted and lacy! It helps support...

Posted by Bag Lady Mama on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Krystal is sharing her experience with the disease and ho living with it feels likes. She has managed to make it a global topic.

It took her almost a year to be open about her daily struggles.

Hubby and I at our sons 4th Birthday! I'm 32 weeks pregnant here with Arabella :) no one can tell I have a bag unless I told them! #BagLadyMama #ileostomy #ostomyfashion #ostomyawareness #crohns #batgirl #lycra

Posted by Bag Lady Mama on Wednesday, March 23, 2016
This Sick Mother Shared Her Amazing Pictures With The World To Inspire The Millions
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