This Video Portrays the Fury of Hailstorm Imposed on a Guy’s Pool

Apr 19, 2016

Spring is a season which brings a lot of emotions with it. And the one that tops the list is that you have no idea what the hell is going to happen. You might be getting ready in hopes that the day will be hot and you’d need to get into your favorite pair of shorts but then you step out of your home and are welcomed by flurries of cold.
Hence, it brings about a thought in our mind, who are storm chasers? The profession that sounds so dangerous and insane has to be exactly that at some level.
It is being said that the storm chasers can detect a storm just by the smell of it. Not only does it makes them feel alive and focused but they have goose bumps every time they go near one. The cloud tearing thunder and pouring rain gives them the chills.
In the spring of 2010,a storm hit Oklahoma which was one heck of an explosion of nature. As it turned out and as the videos shows, storm chasers did not have to do the task of following the storm around but the storm itself hit their backyard very hard. You have got to see it yourself for believing it. You could see the people filing the video apologizing for their emotional outburst. One such video showcases the hail stones hammering directly into their pool.

Watch the following video to know how drastic force the storm carried with it and showered it upon this pool.

This Video Portrays the Fury of Hailstorm Imposed on a Guy’s Pool
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