When Parents Mocked Her Son during a Rugby Game, She Did This

May 11, 2016

It is said that we should think a thousand times before speaking anything to someone as you never know what might hurt them deeply. And so it happens, certain wounds cannot be healed. Therefore, keep a brain on your words. While this advice useful to many, only few actually apply it to their real lives and the below parents certainly fall in the former category.

Rochelle Mara was watching her son's rugby game through the sidelines.

The parents beside her were making fun of one of the boys who was healthier saying that he was slowing the speed of entire team. When she asked who they were talking about, they told her number 8 which was her son 10-year-old son Eljae jersey.

Then, she decided to write an open letter to the parents on Facebook.
She started with saying ‘dear parents on the sidelines’ asking them to remember the big boy they were making fun of saying that he was a liability to the team. As they laughed at her boy as he couldn’t run as fast as their child, of course, they didn’t realize that his mother was standing next to them. And, when they did, they ran to the opposite side very quickly.

Then she asked them to remember that Eljae practices as much as the rest of the team i.e., twice a week.

She says that don’t expect her to take bull when they talk badly about her kid and asked them to be thankful that he didn’t hear them out.

When Parents Mocked Her Son during a Rugby Game, She Did This
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