10 Signs Proving That You Are Not Washing Your Hair Right

Aug 25, 2016

Wanting your hair to look shiny and lustrous is not a desire one can stay at bay with. Hence, when it comes to taking care of hair, there are an infinite number of beauty regimens and hacks you are told to follow but being a guinea is not what either of us look forward too.
Therefore, here I will cover one important aspect of hair care regimen and that is hair washing. Check out the following points to see whether you are washing your hair wrong and if that’s the case, change it immediately.

1. Towel drying? Nope.

Towel will create friction which in turn will leave your hair frizzy and even damaged. Hence, it is better to use a t-shirt or just blot your hair.

2. A tad bit more of chemicals.

A tad bit more of chemicals.
Not a good idea, trust me. Using more quantity of shampoo and chemical in your hair isn’t going to bring a change. If will only make it worse.

3. Be tender.

Be tender.
Don’t be harsh on your hair. It will only increase the hair fall.

4. Take care of the entire length.

Wash your hair from the root to the tip. At times, you don’t give much attention to the roots but let me tell you that it is the most important part.
10 Signs Proving That You Are Not Washing Your Hair Right
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