8 Hairstyles That You Did Not Know Can Damage Your Hair

Mar 27, 2016

You may not know that hair styling is also a reason of weak, thin or damaged hair. It is not necessary that dandruff, wrong shampoo or other issues could be weakening your hair. Many hairstyles tend to affect the overall health and quality of your hair. Here are some hairstyles that can cause hair damage.

You may find it easiest to tie up your hair in a ponytail. However, you did not know that the continuous use of tight elastic hair ties could cause hair and root damage. You can start using fabric hair ties instead of elastic ones.

2. Use of extensions

Adding extensions to your hair may look attractive, but they are harmful since the extension clips can make roots weak and break your hair.

3. More volume and fluff

More volume and fluff
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Backcombing your hair may add more volume and fluff making an impact on your hairdo, but it creates tangles and knots that cause hair damage.

4. Straight hair

Straightening your hair using an iron rod gives you a sleek look, but the use of hot iron tends to make your hair dull and internally burn your locks.
8 Hairstyles That You Did Not Know Can Damage Your Hair
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