Discover The Magic Of Onion To Treat Various Diseases!

May 30, 2016

Ever wondered what’s the hype about natural remedies using herbal products? People tend to rely on sophisticated advanced medicines and synthetic products, while they can be cured naturally. Nature has plenty of bounties in her store that can be utilized to solve normal physical woes. Onion is one of such blessings of Mother Nature that can be found in one’s kitchen easily. Curse it for its smell or for the tears it brings in your eyes but it does miracles when it comes to your health.
Following are some exciting uses, other than the mundane usage in prepping for dinner:

1. Having cough? Tried the cough syrup made using onions? If not, then now is the time because it is very effectual.

Caution: You will be needing mouthwash afterwards!

2. Vanishing the fever away.

The idea of a cold bath in fever is pretty daunting especially when its about your little babies. The alternate to say goodbye to the fever within no time is to put onion slices inside their socks. You can also put a piece of cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar on their forehead. It literally works like magic.

3. Caught a cold? Onion works here too.

Eating a crude onion or putting this extraordinary vegetable in your boiling tea will provide you immediate relief.

4. Getting rid of earaches.

Those who have suffered from earaches earlier realizes the level of discomfort and uneasiness one experiences. The best curative is to put the heart of onion, which is the innermost part, inside your ear. Not only it releases the pain but also softens the wax in your ear which can be wiped out without effort.
Discover The Magic Of Onion To Treat Various Diseases!
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