Ever Wondered What Your Heart Line Says About Your Love Life?

May 25, 2016

Palmistry is a very amazing art which can tell oodles about one’s personality as well as depict their future. The heart line on your palms can be helpful when it comes to your life as well as the experiences you might have related to it.
Heart line is the one that lies beneath your middle or index finger, extending towards the edge of your palms just below your little finger.
Look at the below diagram thoroughly and figure out which one amongst these do you have.

A: You are a born leader instilled with immense intelligence, independence along with having amazing capabilities to take decisions. However, you might come out as insensitive and cold to others.

B: In case, your heart line is starting in between the index finger and middle finger, you're kind and considerate while being very hesitant as well as cautious when there are others involved. However, people trust you.

C: If your heart line just starts below the index finger, you are like A.

D: If your heart line is of the D type then you're very patient along with being caring. You always have good intentions and are known to be soft-hearted.

Ever Wondered What Your Heart Line Says About Your Love Life?
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