How Sweat and Perspiration Measures Your Health?

Mar 27, 2016

Perspiration or sweating may seem embarrassing and dirty, but it is beneficial for your health. With the increase in body temperature, perspiration do not let your body overheat by maintaining the circulation and activating the sweat glands. Sweat is a measure of health as it serves as an instrument for measuring stress and effort.

Natural coolant of body

Natural coolant of body
Sweat is a natural and pure coolant of your body. However, only 1 percent urea in it makes it impure.

Why does it smell bad?

Originally, sweat has no odor. The bad odor starts to come when it meets the bacteria.

You have sweat glands in your whole body.

Sweat glands are present in your whole body, including feet. Two kinds of sweat comes to the surface, i.e. common sweat and stress sweat.

Why people smell if sweat has no smell?

When bacteria meets the sweat on skin, it excretes digestive gas that creates odor.
How Sweat and Perspiration Measures Your Health?
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