You Can Get Rid Of Your Snoring Problem Without Any Medicine

Aug 24, 2016

your partner. They might have already planned to murder in your sleep. Just kidding. Or maybe I am not. Plus, no one plans a murder out loud so you never know the possibilities.
For helping you in saving your life, I have come up with few effective ways to rectify your snoring problem without taking any medicines.

Do exercise.

Exercising your facial muscles will help you out in getting rid of the problem. Stick out your lower jaw while keeping your mouth open for about 10 seconds. Stretching your tongue outwards will also help. Repeat it few times a week.

Preparing a nasal solution.

Other reasons behind your snoring can be cold and sinus infection. This solution can help greatly- dissolve some salt in hot water and put two drops in your nostrils.

Thyme oil.

This age old remedial oil has immense calming effects. They can assist you in having sound sleep. Adding a few drops to your humidifier or you can also massage it in the sole of your feet. Pregnant women can replace thyme oil with peppermint or eucalyptus oil.

A vaporizer.

Even dry throat can lead to snoring. Hence, it is essential that you keep it hydrated by using vaporizer or humidifier.
You Can Get Rid Of Your Snoring Problem Without Any Medicine
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